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  • The student workload per semester is expressed in credits.
  • Most courses are worth four credits. Two-credit courses are called a seminar.
  • Each credit is equivalent to one hour of class per week. Each semester includes 14 weeks of classes. Therefore, a four-credit course has 56 hours of class during one semester.
  • Some courses are worth four credits, including one credit of practical sessions (tutorials). This credit is equivalent to 2 hours of programmed tutorials per week. There is a maximum of 14 hours of programmed tutorials per semester. Seminars do not include practical sessions.
  • In the Peruvian higher education system, grades go from 0 to 20 (20 is the highest grade, and the minimum passing grade is 11)
  • Semester Grade Average (SGA) is the grade point average at the end of each academic semester. It is calculated taking into account the number of credits for each course and the grades received.
  • The maximum number of credits to take is 20. The minimum suggested is 12, some exceptions could be made by informing about this with anticipation and with confirmation from the home institution informing us previously. EXTRA ACADEMIC courses would be considered in the workload. Spanish courses ARE NOT included.
  • Official transcripts will be sent by August, for Spring semester and February for Fall semester.
Grade Definition
20 Outstanding Cum Laude
18-19 Outstanding
16-17 Very Good
14-15 Good
11-13 Pass
Below 11 Failed

Enrollment Spring 2024-1 on March 5th, 2024

Contact information:
Email: incoming@up.edu.pe
Phone: (+51)1 219-0100 ext: 5319
You can make inquiries using the chat feature on the enrollment system.

Link: incomingenrollment.up.edu.pe
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