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  • The student workload per semester is expressed in credits.
  • Most courses are worth 4 credits. Two-credit courses are called “seminars”.
  • Each credit is equivalent to one hour of class per week. Each semester includes 14 weeks of classes. Therefore, a four-credit course has 56 hours of class during one semester.
  • Some courses worth 4 credits, including one credit of practical sessions (tutorials). This credit is equivalent to 2 hours of programmed tutorials per week. There is a maximum of 14 hours of programmed tutorials per semester. Seminars do not include practical sessions.
  • In the Peruvian higher education system, grades go from 0 to 20, with 20 being the highest grade. The minimum passing grade is 11.
  • Semester Grade Average (SGA) is the grade point average obtained by a student at the end of each academic semester. It is calculated taking into account the number of credits for each course and the grades received.
  • The maximum number of credits to take is 20. The minimum suggested is 12, some exceptions could be made by informing about this with anticipation and with a confirmation from the home institution. EXTRA ACADEMIC courses would be considered in the workload. Spanish courses ARE NOT included.
  • Official transcripts will be sent by August, for Spring semester and February for Fall semester.
Grade Definition
20 Outstanding Cum Laude
18-19 Outstanding
16-17 Very Good
14-15 Good
11-13 Pass
Below 11 Failed

Enrollment Fall 2022 2 - August 2nd, 2022

Contact information:
Email: incoming@up.edu.pe
Simultaneous zoom session available for doubts and questions during enrollment process
Whatsapp: +51-969037212 Available only during enrollment process from 11:00 to 14:00 (Peru time)
Phone: (+051)1 219-0100 ext: 5324

Link: https://autoservicio.up.edu.pe
Tutorial: https://youtu.be/RS3uriX4Omc